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Star Bank

In 1943, a small group of individuals led by two families—the Marcuccillis and the Wrights—in partnership with a small group of businessmen, bought their first bank; the Upland Branch of the Citizens State Bank of Fairmount.  The bank was located in Upland, Indiana, with a purchase price of $28,000.

Beginning in 1952, with the purchase of The Gaston Banking Company of Gaston, Indiana, seven more Indiana community banks were purchased over the next 15 years. The goal of the founding members of the bank was to bring about change in the banking laws that would permit multiple bank ownership and allow them to bring centralized control to the community banks. Delayed by Indiana banking laws, the group formed the Northern Indiana Financial Service Corporation (NIFSCO) in 1966. NIFSCO was the beginning of the data processing company that later became STAR Financial Systems, which later merged into the bank charter that exists today.

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In the 1970s, Tom Marcuccilli's sons, Jim and Tom, joined NIFSCO to help the company further develop its core financial services. At the same time, Bob Wright's son, Tom, joined the Bank of Henry County in Shirley, Indiana, to begin his banking career. During this period, bank management began to merge their charters and relocate home offices in areas where bigger markets offered more growth potential.

In April of 1985—four years after the last founding member (Tom Marcuccilli) died—the Indiana General Assembly passed the Indiana Banking Structure Reform Act, which permitted bank holding companies to own and control more than one bank in the state. With the passage of this act, the founding fathers' dream became a reality and STAR Bank was born. The new company was publicly announced on October 30, 1985. The name “STAR” was selected from more than 300 entries submitted by bank employees.  It was derived from the first names of the early founding members (Selah Wright, Thomas Marcuccilli, Arthur Hodson, and Ralph Marcuccilli).

STAR Financial Group is the parent company of STAR Financial Bank, an Indiana-based community bank known for its quality service culture, personalized banking solutions, and innovative use of technology. Additionally, two wholly owned subsidiaries, STAR Wealth Management and STAR Insurance Agency, offer licensed professional services in financial planning, trust and asset management, and insurance. STAR Financial Bank has grown to more than $1.4 billion in assets with more than 40 banking centers in central and northeast Indiana.

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For those individuals who are interested in consolidating their high-interest credit cards and other debt, STAR bank offers lending programs and services to meet your unique needs.  Features and benefits include:

Home Equity Loans

  • Check account activity over the phone with STAR Link;
  • Prompt decisions within 24 hours;
  • Interest may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).

Personal Loan/Line of Credit

  • Increase the value of your real estate or property;
  • Convert other higher rates of interest debt into one affordable monthly payment;
  • Check account activity over the phone with STAR Link;
  • Prompt decisions within 24 hours.

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