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Debt Basics
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Marshall & Ilsley Bank

Samuel Marshall arrived in Milwaukee, in the spring of 1847.  With a few years of business experience and a few thousand dollars, Marshall rented half of a cobbler shop and opened the doors of Samuel Marshall & Co., Exchange Brokers in April 1847.  In 1849, he was joined by Charles Ilsley, and they set a goal to build one of Wisconsin’s premier financial institutions—Marshall & Ilsley Corporation.

The company, which still bears their names, was founded on the principles of quality and service. Today, M&I Bank offers retail banking offices in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Florida, and Illinois. 

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M&I Bank offers a variety of lending options and services to ensure you are receiving the most competitive rates and terms, allowing you to not only consolidate your debt—but eliminate it!  Features and benefits of the lending products that can be used for debt consolidation are:

Personal Loans
A personal loan from M&I bank is a simple, quick, and convenient financing solution. If you are interested in consolidating your high-interest credit cards, M&I has a loan option that meets your needs.

  • Fast, simple application process;
  • Flexible terms allow you to choose from several payment options
  • No early repayment penalties;
  • Low monthly payments at a low, fixed interest rate.

Home Equity Line of Credit
An M&I Home Equity Line of Credit is conveniently available to draw on for one-time purchases or on-going expenses.  

  • Lock-in all or a portion of your balance into a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan at any time;
  • Access your line of credit with the M&I Rewards Equity Card and earn Rewards points for your purchases;
  • Used to consolidate high-interest debt, your line can actually save you money;
  • The interest you pay may be tax deductible;
  • Your available line amount is replenished as you make payments;
  • Low, interest-only payment program;
  • Overdraft protection, linked to your home equity line of credit.

Home Equity Loans
If you’re a homeowner anticipating a major one-time expense such as purchasing a car, consolidating debt, or financing a home-improvement, a Home Equity Loan is an excellent option.

  • No closing costs on Home Equity Loans up to $150,000;
  • Lock in low rates with fixed monthly payments over a fixed term;
  • Receive one lump sum;
  • Pay back your loan in equal monthly installments.

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* Debt Basics is not a lender or broker. We provide information and research on debt help and debt consolidation. Product and service offerings differ by state.