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Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is one of the nation's fastest growing financial service retailers. Since its founding in 1973, Commerce Banks has continually followed a distinctive and successful retail model, fueling continuous growth. Since opening its first store more than 30 years ago in New Jersey, Commerce  has expanded into more than 400 convenient stores throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, DC, Virginia and Southeast Florida.

Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Commerce Bank has assets of more than $40 billion—making it the largest independent bank headquartered in the metropolitan Philadelphia area.

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As “America's Most Convenient Bank,” Commerce has taken a unique approach to the banking industry.  The Bank's “have it your way” motto emphasizes the importance of providing customers with convenient, quality financial services, whenever, wherever and in whatever way they may want them. Commerce Bank offers a wide array of lending products that are suited for those who want to consolidate their debt.  Factors such as credit history, home ownership and amount of debt will determine the best loan product to meet your needs.

Personal Loans

  • Fixed interest rate;
  • Fixed repayment term;
  • Fixed monthly payments;
  • Does not require collateral (lower interest rates for those who provide collateral).

Personal Lines Of Credit

  • No collateral required;
  • Use funds all at once, or over time;
  • Pay interest only on the money used.

Helping Hand—Low-To-Moderate-Income Loans

  • Designed to assist limited-income families;
  • Low-cost, fixed-payment financing;
  • Use for home improvements or other purposes.

Cash Reserve/Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

  • Combine with Commerce Bank checking or money market account;
  • Never bounce a check;
  • Source of extra cash, when you need it;
  • Costs nothing unless you use it.

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Because of the flexible options available to customers, the table below outlines some of the more popular loan types, along with their interest rates and repayment terms. 

(check with lender for current rates)




Borrowing Limits

Unsecured Loan


Up to 60

$1,000 / $100,000

Loan Secured by Money Market

Money Market Rate + 3.25%

12 - 36

$1,000 / 95% of the Balance

Loan Secured by Savings

Savings Rate + 3.25%

12 - 36

$500 / 95% of Savings Balance

Loan Secured by 50/50~

Saving Rate + 5.25%

12 - 36

$1,000 / 95% of Savings Balance + Other Collateral

Loan Secured by CD

CD Rate + 2.25%

12 - 60 or maturity of CD

$1,000 / 95% of CD

Line of Credit

WSJ +2.25%floating


$1,000 / $25,000

Line of Credit

WSJ +1.25%floating


$25,001 / $100,000

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* Debt Basics is not a lender or broker. We provide information and research on debt help and debt consolidation. Product and service offerings differ by state.