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Budgeting for Students
by Julie Moore

If anyone can get away with living as cheaply as possible, students can! There are opportunities for you to save and cut costs everywhere you turn, and taking advantage of student discounts and campus sponsored activities can keep your free time entertaining and your wallets full. Okay, maybe not full.

Your college career is also a great time to begin developing a positive financial foundation, which is not difficult if you practice conservative and responsible spending. Obtaining a student credit card and using it wisely will definitely make it easier for you to establish independence and enter the “real world” more successfully. On the other hand, abusing a credit card, student loans, and other means of monetary support can severely impair your financial future. So, don’t do it.

In my experience as a student, I know that expenses vary greatly depending on a student’s circumstances. While some students are fortunate to have parents footing the bill, many other students are wholly responsible for covering the costs of a college education. Whatever you situation may be, you should develop a budget for yourself.

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