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Debt Basics
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Tips for Using Debt Consolidation

There are many tips you can use to make debt consolidation work for you.

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Spending less and decreasing monthly expenditures is key. It is important to look at and change the habits and patterns of spending that created the overwhelming debt in the first place.

Be aware of high interest rates and extra fees. Shop around for the best value.

Be aware that extending the length of your debt repayment may mean that it will cost more overall. Make sure you understand the terms, conditions and costs that you are agreeing to.

Read the fine print. It is your responsibility to read and understand your loan agreement. Take the time to read every single word. If you don't understand what you are reading, do more research and ask more questions.

Consolidate your debt and lower your monthly payments now >>

Carefully consider all the alternative options. You may be in a situation that is better addressed by approaching a debt counseling service or by discussing your problems with your existing lenders.

Avoid companies that offer seemingly simple, ‘too good to be true’ consolidation options. They probably are.

Debt consolidation is more advantageous for those who are gainfully employed. A steady income and the ability to implement a successful budget are the keys to building a solid foundation for financial freedom.

Consolidate your debt and lower your monthly payments now >>

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