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Debt Basics
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Credit Counseling Advantages

Credit counseling is a practical way to get the help you need without taking out a loan or filing for bankruptcy. Depending on your situation, Credit counseling can help to:

  • Rebuild your reputation with your creditors
    Credit counseling may help you rebuild your reputation with your creditors by reestablishing a relationship and setting up viable payment plans.
  • Stop the collection calls and legal notices
    Credit counseling can help stop the unwanted calls and legal notices from debtors.
  • Help you become debt-free much faster
    Whether through a reduction in the size of your debt, monthly payment reductions or a reduction in interest rates and waived late fees, credit counseling can help you become debt-free much faster.
  • Re-age your account so that it’s not in default
    Credit counseling can help you re-age you account, setting the account due date back to current and wiping out overdue charges.
  • Prevent bankruptcy
    Credit counseling can get you back on track with payments and prevent the need to file bankruptcy.
  • Offer Support
    Credit counselors can offer motivation, education, and encouragement, while providing someone you can talk to when you have a question or concern. Credit counseling provides support for your questions and comments, making the process a personal and educational tool.

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